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[ Unuma Usui ]

Name: Unuma Usui
Occupation : One of the
Juppon Gatana
Weapons : Spear with lead ball on one end, and a turtle shell shield
Usui went blind after recieving a bad wound to his eyes while fighing against Shishio early on. Miraculously, even though he had run off, and was left all alone in the forest to die, Usui lived. He had one of those near death makes you stronger experiances...Because he went blind, all his other senses were make incredibley sharper, and Usui could hear everything. Even blood flowing through people, their pulse and heart rate. This gave him a major advantage in fights because he knew how his oppenents were, and made him, the already good fighter even better.
Well if it was Shishio that made him blind in the first place, then why did Usui join the Juppon Gatana to work for Shisio later on?
Usui wasn't greatful or anything because he was better off than he was before, but he was planning to assasinate Shishio after they had taken over the Government....