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[ Seta Soujiro ]

Name: Seta Soujiro
The Tenken
Age : 18
Birthday : 09/1861
Height : 163cm
Weight : 51kg
Blood Type : AB
Occupation : One of the Juppon Gatana

Weapon : Kikuichimonji-norimune
Fighting Techniques : Tenbu no Sai Niyoru Ken
Soujirou was Shishio's prodigy. He was the best swordsman of the Juppon Gatana, and Shishio's right-hand man. He has no ki, and so is always smiling, so it is impossible to read his attacks, and this makes him all the more deadly. However, Soujirou never wanted to be a killer, he only really turned bad after Shishio 'adopted' him.

How Soujiro met Shishio

Soujiro was born a bastard and was given to his uncle and aunts to look after (when his mother/father died - i dunno) They really hated him because he was a bastard. The treated him like a slave.
When Shishio was being chased by the police, he took refuge in the barn that Soujiro's family owned. Only Soujiro knew he was there as he was the only one who ever went into the barn to do work. Shishio stayed in the barn for a long time, and over that time he got to know Soujiro, who he talked to alot. They became friends, and Soujiro would provide Shishio with new bandages everyday, and Shishio gave him his sword.
One day, Shishio asked why Soujiro let his uncles and aunts push him around, because Soujiro was strong, and they were weak (sound familiar?) He told Soujiro that if he was bullyied by them he should just kill them.
Anyways one day Soujiro's family noticed that all the bandages were missing, and of course they all blamed it on Soujiro. Soujiro's uncles thought they would pay Soujiro a lesson for stealing and so went out to find him. They chased Soujiro all they way back to the house, where Soujiro tried to hide underneath. Soujiro was scared for his life because his uncles had drawn their swords. He crawled around under the house trying to get away when he came across the sword Shishio had given him, which he had hid earlier. He killed both his uncles, then went into the house and his aunts aswell. After all the commotion, Shishio came out, he said he was leaving. And Soujiro followed him.