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[ Shishio Makoto ]

Name: Shishio Makoto
Age : 30
Birthday : 08/1848
Height : 170cm
Weight : 59kg
Blood Type : O (and at boiling point)
Occupation : Leader of the Juppon Gattana (Ten Swords)

Weapon : Kotetsu (katana-like sword which was cracked at the Shingetsu village when Kenshin fought Soujirou) Mugenjin (sword that was intentionally chipped to create a toothed-edge) Made by Arai Shakku, the same sword-maker that made Kenshin and Chou's swords.
Fighting Techniques : Homura Dama
[ Komagata Yumi ]

Name: Komagata Yumi

Komagata Yumi was Shishio's lover. She was once a highly-demanded expensive geisha, but was put out of her job and met Shishio. She fell in love with him, but because she couldn't fight, all she could do was take care of Shishio's burnt body.
She was jealous of the other members of the Juppon Gatana, because "the fight is everything to Shishio-sama".
Yumi was killed during the Shishio vs. Kenshin final battle. She died happy, knowing that she finally helped Shishio in a fight.