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[ Saizuchi Roujin ]

Name: Saizuchi Roujin
Occupation : One of the Juppon Gatana
Weapon : None - just his brains

Saizuchi was a nasty little man who was only about 4 foot tall, with a huge head (lotsa brains) and in my opinion, looked like a rat. Fuji was a giant, he wasn't educated so he wasn't very smart, and he didn't talk alot.

Name: Fuji (as in the mountain)
Occupation : One of the Juppon Gatana
Weapon : Huge set of armour and sword
When Fuji was younger, was almost killed by villagers who thought he was some kind of monster, but Saizuchi saved him. Seeing Fuji wasn't too bright, Saizuchi tricked him into being his servant for life, because he had saved Fuji's life. Saizuchi and Fuji were sent to Aoiya where Saizuchi was defeated, and Fuji was set free by Seijiro Hiko.