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[ Myojin Yahiko ]

Age : 10
Birthday : 01/1869
Height : 128cm
Weight : 23kg
Blood Type : B
School : Kamiya Dojo

Weapon : Shinai
Fighting Techniques : Kamiya Kasshinryu
(taught by Kamiya Kaoru)
Yahiko was born right after the new Meiji era started. His father was a samurai and supported the Bakufu during the Douran. Even though he knew the Bakufu were going to be defeated by the Ishinshishi, he didn't switch sides and fought with pride, to the death. In order for Yahiko's mother to raise him, she became a prostitute, and died of an illness some time later.
After the death of both his parents, Yahiko was picked up by a gang leader, and was forced to become a pick-pocket. One day he was caught, while trying to steal. He was caught by a girl called Kaoru, while he was stealing from a man called Kenshin. Even though he had tried to steal, Kenshin let him go.
Kenshin then found that Yahiko was being used by the Yakusa Group, and went to rescue him. When Yahiko found Kenshin, he protested and said that he would have got out of the gang sooner, but he wasn't strong enough. He asked Kenshin to teach him, but Kenshin refused and instead enrolled Yahiko in the Kamiya Dojo, to be taught by Kaoru. From then on, he wanted to be as good as kenshin...
 [ Training hard ]