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[ Sagara Sanosuke ]

Nick Names: Toriatama, Sano, Zanza
Age : 19
Birthday : 02/1860
Height : 179cm
Weight : 71kg
Blood Type : B
Occupation : Sano + occupation? You gotta be kidding...

Weapon : Zanbatou (broken by Himura Kenshin) Bare hands
Fighting Techniques : Futae no Kiwami (learned from Yukyuzan Anji)
 [ Sano and his hero, Sagara Soujo ]
At a young age, Sano was a part of the Sekihoutai and idolized the Sekihoutai leader Sagara Soujo. (That was why Sano adopted the name Sagara.) Sagara was killed by a member of the Ishinshishi clan, so the Sekihoutai was disbanded.
 [ Zanza the Kenkaya ]
Sano then became a 'kenkaya' - (a person who is paid to fight.) This was when he was called Zanza.
When travelling around Japan, he was paid to fight a man called Himura Kenshin. Before the fight, Sano did a little research on Kenshin and found out that he was part of the Ishinshishi clan. His anger towards he Ishinshishi gave Sano more reason to fight. Eventually, they did fight, but Sano lost. (Kenshin breaks Sano's Zanbatou sword in two.) Kenshin talks to Sano and then he realised it wasn't Kenshin that killed Sagara those many years ago. Kenshin persuades Sano to give up his obstinacy and to reform. Sano earns a great respect from Kenshin and they become good friends...