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[ Takani Megumi ]

Other names : Fox Lady
Age : 22
Birthday : 12/1857
Height : 166cm
Weight : 45kg
Blood Type : B
Occupation : Assistant doctor (to Dr.Genzai)
Megumi's family was prestigious in the medical field for generations, they treated all their patients disregarding any class difference. During the Aizusensou, all of them except young Megumi went to the battlefield, to fulfill their roles. As a result, Megumi's father was killed, and Megumi was separated from her mother and her two brothers. She was left alone in the world to fend for herself.

When she was 17 years old, she became a doctor's assistant. However, the doctor was working for a man named Takeda Kanryu, to produce opium. One day, the doctor created a new type of opium which was stronger then any other previous type, yet was very cheap to produce. He decided to keep this new formula a secret, and told no one the formula, except for Megumi. Kanryu tried to obtain the formula from the doctor, but he wouldn't tell Kanryu, so Kanryu killed him. So, unfortunately for Megumi, she was the only one who knew the formula, and Kanryu forced her to produce the new opium. Megumi wanted to kill herself for she knew she was making a drug that was not curing people. But she didn't kill herself, because she still had hope that she would someday be reunited with her family.

One day, Megumi took all the opium that she had produced that day and fled Kanryu's mansion. While being chased, Megumi ran into the Kamiya Dojo, where Himura Kenshin and Sagara Sanosuke were. Megumi pleaded for their help, and told them everything. Kenshin learns from Megumi that Kanryu, the Oniwabanshuu and the Oniwabanshuu's leader, Shinomori Aoshi. When Kanryu found out that Megumi was hiding at Kamiya dojo, he threatened to burn it down if Megumi didn't not return. Seeing no alternative, she agreed and left a note at Kamiya dojo saying that she was going back to Aizu, her hometown. However, Kenshin knew where she had really gone, and went to rescue her...where Aoshi was waiting...