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[ Himura Kenshin ]

Real Name : Shinta
Other Names: Himura Battousai, Hitokiri Battousai, Ken-san
Age : 28
Birthday : 20/06/1851
Height : 158cm
Weight : 48kg
Blood Type : AB

Weapon : Sakabatou (reverse edge sword) Broken by Seta Soujiro. Sakabatou- Shinuchi (new reverse edge sword)
Fighting Techniques : Hitenmitsurugiryu (Soaring Heaven technique)
Special Moves : Ryusousen, Doryusen, Ryutsuisen, Souryusen, Sourysen-ikazuchi, Hiryusen, Ryushousen, Ryushousen-tsumuji, Ryukansen, Kuzuryusen, Amakakeruryunohirameki
Kenshin's parents died of a cholera epidemic when he was at young age, so he was sold to someone. A year later, while travelling with these people, they were attacked by bandits. They were all were killed, except for kenshin who was saved by Seijuurou Hiko, who became his master.
[ Widdle Kenshin aww ]
Hiko changed Shinta's name to Kenshin, because he thought it sounded stronger, and taught him Hitenmitsurugiryu. When Kenshin was 13, he had a big fight with Hiko, and so left him.
A few years later, Kenshin had become a paid body guard/ assasin for the Ishinshishi clan. During the Bakumatsu No Douran, he killed so many people he got the name 'Hitokiri Battousai'. After single handedly saving the Meiji government, Kenshin came to his senses about what he was doing, and vowed never to kill again. So the most deadly Battousai was now a rurouni, (a traveller) and started travelling around Japan to aid people, to make up for all the people he killed during the Bakumatsu No Douran. After 10 years into the new Meiji era, Kenshin arrived at Tokyo, where he met a girl called Kaoru ..... and that's where the story begins....
 [ Kenshin and his teacher, Seijuuro Hiko ]