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[ Kamiya Kaoru ]

Other Names: Kenjutsu Komachi, Raccoon Girl
Age : 17
Birthday : 06/1862
Height : 155cm
Weight : 41kg
Blood Type : O
Occupation : Teacher of the 'Kamiya Kasshinryu' style, at the Kamiya Dojo.

Weapon : Shinai, Bokutou
Fighting Techniques : Kamiya Kasshinryu
After the Douran, Kaoru's father started the dojo teaching sword technique 'Kamiya Kasshinryu', a sword technique used for protecting people, not killing; which was what Kaoru's father wanted. However he was killed when he got involved with the Seinan War, so Kaoru was put in charge of the dojo.
After 10 years into the Meiji era, an old student of the Kamiya dojo plotted to take over the Kamiya Dojo. (He had been expelled from the dojo years ago because he used the Kamiya style for harming other people and not protecting.) It was during this time that Kaoru met a wandering rurouni, who helped her get rid of the bad ex-student guy....his name was Kenshin.
 [ Kaoru training ]