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[ Sawagejo Chou ]

Name: Sawagejo Chou
Nicknames : Broom head, Rooster head
Occupation : One of the Juppon Gatana
Weapon : As a sword collector, he had a variety of items
Renbatou made by Arai Shakku (two separate blades joined at the base so it caused two cuts at once)
Hakujin no Tachi (a long blade which was like a whip, which he kept wrapped around his waist, like armour.)
Kenshin's first battle with Chou was when he was attempting to save Iori, a young child, from Chou as he tried to obtain a late swordmaker's last katana. Kenshin had to fight him with only his sheath and broken sakabatou, until the swordmaker's son threw to him his father's last piece of work (which turns out to be another sakabatou, which was really good.)
Chou was strange in the fact that apart from when he was fighting, he always had one eye closed. Chou was the first Juppon Gatana member apprehended by the police, and Hajime Saitoh and Sagara Sanosuke learned of Shishio's plans of 'Kuni Tori' from him during an interrogation. After the Juppon Gatana was broken up, Chou accepted a job with the police force. You see him again during the 'Christian' series when he was again defeated, while trying to protect a building from Shougo Amakusa