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[ Yukyuzan Anji ]

Name: Yukyuzan Anji
The Myou
Occupation : One of the Juppon Gatana
Weapon : Bare hands and a small sword
Fighting Techniques : Futae no Kiwami
(he taught Sanosuke)
After the Buddhist war, reparations were being paid to all the villages to rebuild their homes. On the outskirts of one town, there was still a Buddhist temple, so they didn't get any reparations at all. Anji was the peaceful monk living in the temple with his 3 adopted children. Anji was a peaceful man and loved his children very much.
[ Anji before...]
One day, some bad men living at the village near the temple, decide to destroy the temple so their town could receive reparations, so they went up the hill to the temple. At that time, Anji was out meditating in a waterfall away from the temple, so he didn't know what was happening there. The bad men tied up the children and left them in the temple, while it was burning down. Anji, in the middle of meditating, sensed something was wrong and ran back to the temple, but it was too late. The temple was already all up in flames, and he could here his children screaming inside. There was nothing he could do.
This is why Anji turned from a peaceful monk, to the fighter in the Juppon Gatana. He wanted revenge on the government for killing his children.