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These are other cool RK sites I've been to around the web, which I think everyone should check out:

Mibu No Ookami - a really cool site dedicated to Saitoh, plus lots of other RK info.

Misao the Weasel Girl shrine

The best Misao shrine on the web.
*credit* for some of the comics on this site.

The Sano Shrine

This is one of the funniest RK sites you can find on the net, (check out the humor section).

Akabeko is the cool cafe where you can sit and talk to your waitress/waitor
*credit* for the '10 Perfects'

Kenshin HQ

Previously Dragon Ball vs. Rurouni Kenshin, now total focused on RK and better then ever!


Contains lots of nice wallpaper from many animes, not just RK.

Forever Blue Skys

A shine dedicated to Kentatsu and contains info on the other characters from the RK movie

Let It Burn
Let it Burn

We all know it, it's been around forever. The best place for RK wallpaper.

Tenken no Soujiro
A shrine to Soujiro containing everything soujiro and you can also send Soujiro greeting cards!

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