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[ ICQ Skins ]
[ How to use them ]
1. To use ICQ skins you must first have ICQ and ICQ Plus. If you don't have one of these programs, you can download them below.
2. Once you have downloaded ICQ Plus, install it. Then open your ICQ List and the should be another button next to the minimize and close buttons in the top-right corner. This is the ICQ Plus "+" toggle button, click it.
3. There will be an ICQ Plus pop-up screen.
4. Import the skin from the folder you have saved it in. Do not unzip the skin or it will not appear.
5. Click apply and the skin should load. If you do not like the skin, import another one, and change it.
6. If you like to randomly change your ICQ Skins, click 'options' from the pop-up screen and check the box 'Select random skin'. Set your options and click ok.
7. If you find that the colors on the ICQ contrast with your ICQ Skin, you may want to customize them by going to 'Preferences & Security', 'Preferences', then 'Contact List'. Check the box 'Customize Colors' and change accordingly.

[ Download ICQ 2002a ]
[ What is ICQ? ]
[ Download ICQ Plus v 3.4 ]

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