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[ Comics ]
This page will make all Misao lovers happy, because every comic is about or has Misao in it! I dunno, I explorered around the net, but no one makes their own RK comics, except Misao lovers! Well, i suppose she is the weirdest character isn't she...(no offence to Misao lovers)

How Shishio was really defeated . . .
By: Francis Bonnet
Misao finally gets her date with Aoshi
By: Francis Bonnet
Aoshi discovers the truth
By: Diana K. Lee
Run in with Kamatari
By: Carly

Thanks to Misao the Weasel Girl Shrine
The 10 Perfects
The perfect:

Meiji Swordsman
Timid Miss
Fox Lady
Oniwabanshuu Onmitsu
Ninja Girl
But they're only ink!

Thanks to: